Here's the Cold Truth About Divorce and Family Law Attorney's 
As Told by A Divorce and Family Law Attorney
1.  Get your free case evaluation. Want to know your chances?  Before you pay an attorney $10,000.   Then they drop you after the money runs out?

2.  There is no legal secret that makes an attorney better at family law than another.  No mystical secret for representing a man or a woman. We all operate under the same framework. The separating factor is called work. Some do it better than others.  

3.  I've actually been divorced.  I've actually fought to see my children.  I've actually challenged my child support. Pick someone who has been down the road you have.  Someone who knows what it takes to win.

Justin Tucker
proud memeber of
Introducing a new way of doing family law.  From a person who works and cares about your results.  
Don't trust you family law case to just anyone
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